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Idle hours are charged when a customer requires the booth to be set up, but not used, some hours before the booking time start.
No, the set up time does not count as part of your booking time.
Yes we have full PLI insurance and are covered for up to £5 million.
Yes there will an attendant supervising the booth for the full event.
The booth is 2.0 meters tall, 1.3 meters wide and 2.3 meters long.
Yes, a free guestbook is provided. This will be either a luxury guestbook or standard guestbook depending on which package is booked.
As a company who also manufactures and sells photo booth props we have a massive selection available with our booths.
Yes, the booth can be hired for any number of hours over 3
Yes our booths are PAT tested and certificates can be provided.
There is no delivery charge for most events. For events further than a 70-mile round trip from our head office (NE21) postcode there will be a £20 fee to cover attendants travel time (usually over an hour each way) and fuel costs. For some events further away, the cost may be higher.
There is no limit to the amount of times you can use the booth.